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    About Us

    Manga Outlet was inspired by the nostalgia many can relate to when thinking back to those long summer nights: buying corner store snacks, bike rides, lofi hip hop, and most of all, binge watching anime on Toonami/Adult Swim.

    So our objective is to create original artwork that's brought on by nostalgia, with the influence of lo-fi/hip hop, anime & manga, and not to mention the lovely retrowave style that brings you back to the 80s and 90s. Together, this mix of inspiration brings a nostalgic, yet modern and unique form of artwork presented on the clothes you purchase. Our clothes are a relaxed fit and made from the best quality materials on the market.

    Here at Manga Outlet, we want the artwork to transmit peace and good vibes to you. Each big collection has its own theme and message behind them, whether it’s comedic, historic, philosophical, and everything in between.

    We want the brand to spread positivity and we are building a growing community where we can connect through anime and lofi hip hop and more.

    Our vision is to create a community of people who share a passion for the art and culture that inspires Manga Outlet's designs.

    - Educer